To be a market leader in any industry you must be prepared to keep an open mind and explore possibilities. The Australian transport industry is an ever changing environment that calls for forward thinking and flexibility. Since being registered as a business with ASIC in 2011 Freight Assist Australia has become one the nation’s success stories in freight and logistics.

Freight Assist Australia achieved its rapid growth through an adaptable attitude and quick responses to the changing environment of the industry. We’re a company that’s at the top of our game and we work hard to stay there. Our practices regarding safety have been thoroughly researched and are a hundred per cent compliant with industry standards.

The staff at Freight Assist Australia are trained in all the latest industry software and technical devices. Our staff are also encouraged to contribute their ideas which helps build a strong team environment. The senior leadership team includes members from other industries which provides the company with a diverse range of skills and a wealth of industry knowledge to draw from.

Freight Assist Australia offers a door to door palletised consignments from one pallet to full loads, offering specialised equipment capabilities. Our techniques and expertise have also allowed us to service a range of industries. These include but are not limited to food, manufacturing, dangerous and hazardous goods and general products.

The 3PL logistics service offered by Freight Assist Australia has been carefully researched and constructed. This has enabled us to offer a service that is both modern and cost effective. The locations were carefully selected to offer maximum efficiency and are equipped with the latest in security technology.

The Australian freight industry demands “a move with the times attitude” and is strongly adhered to at Freight Assist Australia. We find that sourcing innovations, be it in technology or practices often throws up challenges. But these challenges offer satisfaction to our staff who meet them and also a better service to our customers.

Dangerous & Hazardous Goods

Metro Distribution

3PL Warehousing & Distribution

Interstate Freight

Compliant, safe and secure transportation of dangerous & hazardous freight.

Door-to-door, store-to-door metro taxi truck services – no job too small.

Efficient, streamlined 3PL solutions for storing and distributing your freight.

Safe, reliable state-to-state transport for shipments ranging from a single pallet to a full truckload.