Dangerous & Hazardous Goods

Palletised, Packaged, Bulk Dangerous & Hazardous Goods, We Can Assist.

With Freight Assist’s proven expertise in the transport of dangerous goods, and the network support backing us, we are able to offer our customers a fully compliant and safe means to transporting dangerous and hazardous goods.

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Your dangerous goods freight is in safe hands

We are intensifying our commitment to providing simpler, compliant and cost-effective solutions to the dangerous and hazardous goods business segment. Over many years Freight Assist has combined its research, investment, experience and procedures to build a robust and compliant transport solution. With our fleet of fully compliant vehicles, we are specialists in the movement of palletised, packaged and bulk dangerous and hazardous goods Australia-wide. When you need your hazardous and dangerous goods freight handled effectively, you need a company you can trust. You need Freight Assist Australia. Let us show you why we’ve been Australia’s leader in supply chain solutions for dangerous and hazardous goods since 2012.


Staff Awareness & Compulsory Training

All operational employees are fully trained in a tailored dangerous goods awareness course specific to our business.


Bulk DG Licensed Equipment & Drivers

Our bulk local and interstate drivers and equipment are fully certified and hold a current bulk dangerous goods driver license and vehicle license.


Safety Equipped Vehicles

The fleet is equiped with the appropriate licenses and safety equipment as required by the ADG Code (Australian Dangerous Goods Code).


Emergency Procedures

In the case of an emergency, our drivers are trained to follow careful procedures that will control the situation.


Dangerous Goods Procedures

With documented procedures and systems ensuring very stringent levels of compliance are maintained.

Depot Compliance

Freight Assist sites are licensed to safely and securely store and distribute your dangerous goods requirements. Our license allows Freight Assist to store classes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9

We are committed to the highest standards of hazardous goods transport

We take the transport of hazardous goods with the utmost seriousness and care. Freight Assist hazardous goods transport follows The Australian Code for Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road and Rail. Every individual employed by Freight Assist abides by the laws and frameworks stipulated by hazardous goods transport and clearly understands their responsibilities, this ensures no damage occurs to people, property, goods and the surrounding environment. 

Operating with the highest safety measures for dangerous goods transport 

Where dangerous goods transport is concerned Freight Assist ensures all employees involved in  dangerous goods transport are trained and provided with relevant information and safety equipment to minimise the risks associated with products handled. 

Freight Assist has rigorous procedures and systems in place to cover all aspects of our operations involving the transport of dangerous goods.

Freight Assist can help you with the following hazardous goods transport:

  • Fuel
  • Chemicals
  • Cyanide
  • Food Production Chemicals
  • Lubricants
  • Explores
  • Flammable liquids and solids
  • Corrosive substances and more

*Freight Assist Australia does not handle products referenced in the ADG Code as “Too Dangerous to be transported.” Hazardous goods transport and dangerous goods transport shall at all times be undertaken in a manner that is consistent with the Freight Assist Australia’s commitment to Quality, Continuous Service Improvement, Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Legislation.*

Freight Assist provides a safe and secure service for hazardous goods transport

Freight Assist Australia is committed to providing a safe, secure service to our clients in transporting, handling and storing products classified as dangerous goods and to provide for the safety of all employees, the community and the environment.

Freight Assist Australia’s transport of dangerous goods follows the following regulations:


  • We ensure all subcontractors are audited by Freight Assist Australia prior to any activity of dangerous goods transport
  • Ongoing checks are to continue prior to each loading by the business concerned, to ensure full compliance with hazardous goods transport legislation.
  • Freight Assist Australia have documented procedures and systems in place to cover all aspects of our operations involving dangerous goods transport.
    • We ensure all legislation concerning dangerous goods transport is administered to the most stringent level and that all licenses and permits are in place for our sites and equipment involved supplying services only to clients who themselves recognise and operate to the guidelines of all dangerous goods legislation.
    • We ensure all employees involved in hazardous goods transport are trained and provided with relevant information and safety equipment to minimise the risks associated with products handled.

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    Dangerous & Hazardous Goods

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