Fuel Levy


Please see the below information in relation to our fuel levy surcharge which is added to all freight rates.

Any questions, please contact our Sales Team to assist further with your enquiry. 


Fuel Levy Chart


Explanation of fuel surcharge calculation.

Verbose description of fuel Levy calculation
Base Net fuel price is $1.00 from When FAA started to apply a fuel levy

Mathematical Description of Fuel Levy Calculation
Fuel levy =((((CF/1.1)-CR)-BF)/BF)*0.32

Example for June 2012
Fuel levy =((((1.385/1.1)-0.15043)-1.00)/1.00)*0.32

  • Less gst
  • Less rebate
  • That gets a net price of the current fuel
  • Get the difference in net price
  • Divide the difference by the Base net price to get percentage change from base.
  • Divide the percentage change by fuel factor (32%) to get the fuel levy.
  • BF= 1.00 (Base fuel when FAA started applying fuel levy. This is a net value, ex rebate and GST)
  • CF = current fuel (National average diesel price as published by AIP, for each week ending of the previous month divided by number of weeks)
  • CR = diesel fuel current rebate

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