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Palletised, Packaged, Bulk Dangerous & Hazardous Goods, We Can Assist.

With Freight Assist’s proven expertise in the transport of dangerous goods, and the network support backing us, we are able to offer our customers a fully compliant and safe means to transporting dangerous and hazardous goods.

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Transport Company Brisbane

Freight Assist Australia operate as the most dependable transport company Brisbane has to offer. Specialising in delivering exceptional freight services across the country, Freight Assist Australia will deliver your goods from A to B with no fuss and quick turnaround. For the transport and freight services Brisbane companies trust, choose the FAA Group. 

Need a shipment delivered to or from Brisbane? We’re your guys. Providing interstate freight, warehousing and national transportation, Freight Assist Australia provide a fast response and seamless delivery of goods to all metropolitan and rural areas of Australia. We operate with the most cutting-edge technology and equipment available, from Krueger B/Double drop deck mezzanines to Volvo, Kenworth, and Mercedes prime movers. A transport company in Brisbane committed to quality services; we are Queensland’s transport and logistics specialists. 

Booking with FAA Group

Booking with Freight Assist Australia is simple. Whether you’re after interstate delivery, logistics and freight services, warehousing, or metro distribution, we’ll make sure that booking and securing your goods with our Brisbane team is a seamless process. With conveniently located depots in Brisbane, we can offer dangerous goods delivery, national transport services, distribution and warehousing and wharf cartage services with the click of a button. 

Are you transporting freight for one pallet? Or an entire load? Either way – Freight Assist provide a fully compliant, end to end service for all Brisbane clientele. When you book with FAA Group, you can continue operating confidently safe in the knowledge that all of our transport services are conducted by our highly qualified and professional team, trained in the use and operation of our specialised equipment. 

To book your delivery with the leading transport company Brisbane-wide, you can either send through an online enquiry or give us a call on 1300 884 504. 

The Transport Company Brisbane Businesses Rely On

Whether you’re after national, interstate, or express freight delivery across Queensland, Freight Assist Australia is the freight company Brisbane businesses and residents can trust. Our transport and logistics services extend to:


Dangerous & Hazardous Goods Transportation

At Freight Assist Australia, we offer safe and simplified transportation of dangerous goods. All FAA Group drivers hold a current bulk license of hazardous goods. All loaders, administrators and drivers have completed the dangerous goods awareness course tailored to their equipment and role in safely delivering your goods. 

We can safely transport hazardous goods like fuel, chemicals, cyanide, food production chemicals, flammable liquids, corrosive substances and more. 

When it comes to transporting dangerous and hazardous goods to and from Brisbane, we take safety seriously. Given the high-risk nature of transporting these goods, we are committed to maintaining a high level of diligence and attention to detail. 

Please note: While some restrictions exist for transporting dangerous and hazardous materials, we can move classes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9.


Warehousing & 3PL

Freight Assist Australia provides complete third-party logistics and warehousing from our depot in Brisbane. Our team can assist with container management, pallet storage, state of the art security, computerised stock control, block, pallet, and unit racked storage, as well as proof of delivery. We’re the most cost-effective, full-service logistics company Brisbane has to offer.


National Freight Transportation

Freight Assist Australia provide efficient, secure transportation for a wide range of palletised freight. Whether it be fast-moving consumer goods, dangerous goods, one-off shipments, or regular deliveries, we provide both the equipment and team to ensure exceptional transportation services to, from or across Brisbane. 


Metropolitan Distribution

Need Brisbane metropolitan distribution from store to door and door to door? We’ve got you covered. Our Brisbane depot acts as the ideal base for metropolitan distribution of all shapes and sizes – no job is too big or too small. Call in the freight company Brisbane businesses trust for all distribution requirements.


Your New Partners in 3PL, National Transport & Logistics

Conveniently located depots in Australian metro cities: Melbourne | Sydney | Perth | Brisbane | Adelaide

Why Choose Freight Assist Australia?

Freight Assist Australia operates with an old-fashioned, customer-centric approach for every job and delivery. We are passionate about creating solutions that fit every freight need, ensuring that each of our Brisbane clients is satisfied after completing every job. Specialising in both general and express freight delivery, we are committed to ensuring that the quality of each delivery is never compromised. 

The Freight Assist Australia senior personnel and leadership team offer a wealth of experience across various industries, particularly corporate fields. Thus, we’re able to draw on a sizeable capacity of relevant knowledge and diverse skills for widespread success. We know what our Brisbane partners and consumers want, and our personal, tailored approach to transportation ensures that all parties are kept in the loop every step of the way. 

Choosing Freight Assist Australia means choosing a transport company in Brisbane committed to exceptional quality, from warehousing and logistics to the safe delivery of your goods. Our history as a family-run business is a core value system that translates into every aspect of what we do, and we entrust our leadership team to fulfil every promise made to our loyal Brisbane customers. 

Our most senior personnel and leadership team draw on experience across various related industries, including corporate fields, allowing us to offer diverse knowledge and count on unique skills for all issues. Our history as a family-run business translates into every aspect of what we do, and we entrust our leadership team to fulfil every promise made to our loyal Melbourne customers.

Freight Assist Australia is the transportation partner Melbourne business owners and individuals can call family.


Your New Partners in 3PL, National Transport & Logistics

Conveniently located depots in Australian metro cities: Melbourne | Sydney | Perth | Brisbane | Adelaide

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Is Delivery from Brisbane?

The FAA Group estimated standard delivery time from Brisbane is: 

  • to Adelaide: 3-4 days
  • to Brisbane: Next day
  • to Melbourne: 3-4 days
  • to Perth: 5-7 days
  • to Sydney: 2-3 days


What About Express Delivery Timeframes to and from Brisbane?

Express Service from Brisbane delivery times: 

  • to Adelaide: 3 days
  • to Brisbane: Next day
  • to Melbourne: 2 days
  • to Perth: N/A
  • to Sydney: Next day


How Are Delivery Fees Calculated?

Delivery rates for shipments are calculated by weight.

For large, lightweight shipments, our shipment rates are calculated on the greater value between the actual weight of the shipment and the volumetric weight measures in kilograms.

Our volumetric (or cubic) conversion factor is 333 kilograms per cubic metre.

To calculate the volumetric weight, multiply W x L x H – WIDTH by the LENGTH by the HEIGHT of your shipment (in metres) by 333.

E.g., 0.8 * 0.5 * 0.7 * 333 = 93.24 kgs


Where Is FAA Group Located in Brisbane?

The Freight Assist Australia Brisbane Depot is located at 2/44 Shettleston Street, Rocklea, QLD 4106.


Do Freight Assist Australia Provide Freight Warranty?

Yes, we do provide freight warranty.

FreightSafe, our warranty system, is an innovative service that protects the value of your goods in the unlikely event of damage or loss. Providing peace of mind for all shipments from or across Brisbane, FreightSafe guarantees the quickest claim settlement possible.

FreightSafe is offered to those regular ongoing account holders and involves:

  • Up to $1,000 per consignment Standard Charge rate per consignment of $15.00 + GST
  • Up to $1,500 per consignment $20.00 + GST
  • Custom quote

All claims made under FreightSafe warranty for damage to or loss of goods must be made online using the claim form.


Is There a Fuel Levy Surcharge?

Yes – there is a fuel levy surcharge added to all freight rates for delivery from or in Brisbane:

Fuel Levy = ((((CF/1.1)-CR)-BF)/BF) *0.32

CF = current fuel (national average diesel price as published by AIP for each week ending of previous month divided by number of weeks)

CR = diesel fuel current rebate

BF = base fuel (when FAA started applying fuel levy; this is a net value, ex rebate and GST)


Do You Ship Dangerous Goods?

Yes – however, additional precautions must be taken for Freight Assist Australia to ship and handle dangerous goods. Dangerous goods are substances or articles with hazardous properties which may, if handled incorrectly:

  • Asphyxiate
  • Burn
  • Eat metal or skin
  • Pollute the environment
  • Become unstable if mixed with other chemicals or products
  • Explode or make an explosive mixture

When handled incorrectly, dangerous goods can endanger people and the environment. Australian laws ensure the safe handling and transportation of these goods, preventing damage to people and the environment. Penalties follow for those who do not follow the rules.

At Freight Assist Australia, we go above and beyond to abide by the conditions set out as per the Australian Dangerous Goods Code.


How Can I Ship Dangerous Goods with Freight Assist Australia? 

Our freight services Brisbane-wide includes the secure delivery of hazardous goods. However, there are some legal obligations that must be carried out to ship dangerous goods. The shipper must at least supply the following details about the goods:

  • Name
  • Class and subsidiary risk
  • UN number
  • Quantity of goods being sent
  • Number and type of packages sent

Any other information that provides insight into the nature of the product is welcome and is recommended to add to the description. All the above information is to be supplied on a shipping docket, along with an emergency procedures guide. These can be obtained from the manufacturer of the product or Standards Australia.



How Do I Contact Freight Assist Australia in Brisbane?

To contact the FAA Group Brisbane Depot, you can call us on 1300 884 504 (option 3).

Our operating hours are as follows:

Operations: Monday – Friday; 7 am – 4.30 pm.

Alternatively, you can email our Brisbane team at



Your New Partners in 3PL, National Transport & Logistics

Conveniently located depots in Australian metro cities: Melbourne | Sydney | Perth | Brisbane | Adelaide

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Palletised, Packaged, Bulk Hazardous & Dangerous Goods, We Can Assist

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