A paramount requirement from a freight service company is security. While adhering to a scheduled time frame is a priority, the safe and secure transportation of your goods is of equal importance. Hazardous goods, oversized freight all require varying degrees of security from the site to the point of delivery. At Freight Assist Australia, we’re all about providing a service that is reliable, safe and secure.

More Than an Alarm

Modern security systems consist of a lot more components than just alarms that only go off in an emergency. Every Freight Assist Australia site has the latest monitoring and security systems that are in operation 24/7. Our effective back to base alarm systems and perimeter alarm monitoring ensure that your goods and materials are stored in facilities that are completely safe and secure at all times.

Make the Hazardous Safe

Hazardous goods, such as flammable liquids and solids need to be secured behind high, well maintained fences and also within restricted areas. All Freight Assist Australia sites maintain stringent security practices for the safe storage and transportation of dangerous and hazardous items. Our restricted areas are also protected with state of the art technologies including access control systems.

Our Standard Equipment

Every Freight Assist Australia site, regardless of its location is equipped with the same high standard of security technology and practices.

  • Back to base monitoring
  • CCTV
  • Access control systems and restricted areas
  • Secure perimeter fencing
  • Perimeter alarm monitoring
  • Vehicles are GPS tracked 24/7
  • Cameras are being installed on the vehicles (in progress)

The End Result

The high standards of security equipment and practices implemented at Freight Assist Australia ensure that your goods are protected every step of the way while in our care. All of our administrative staff, drivers and loaders have completed the dangerous goods awareness course that is tailored to meet the needs of Freight Assist Australia. The end result is a better service and happier customers.

Dangerous & Hazardous Goods

Metro Distribution

3PL Warehousing & Distribution

Interstate Freight

Compliant, safe and secure transportation of dangerous & hazardous freight.

Door-to-door, store-to-door metro taxi truck services – no job too small.

Efficient, streamlined 3PL solutions for storing and distributing your freight.

Safe, reliable state-to-state transport for shipments ranging from a single pallet to a full truckload.