Freight transport in Australia is a crucial part of the supply chain system for businesses both big and small. In future years, the freight transportation system is expected to become more advanced as technology takes a more important role in the industry. Freight transport Australia refers to the freight transportation system that includes road transport, rail transport and the transport of goods over large distances.

Freight Transport Australia Taking Leaps with Technology

The Australian government is in the process of developing The Freight Data Exchange for interstate transport services to share valuable port and freight movement information.

The Freight Transport Data Exchange will provide owners and freight transport services with real-time information on the location of vessels, cargo and transport vehicles. Furthermore, freight data will also provide the government with details on container movements from the five main ports in Australia. And lastly, businesses and freight transport companies will have access to Freight Data Exchange which can be used for a variety of purposes including freight planning, managing costs , increasing efficiency, meeting customer needs and reducing freight transport errors and accidents.

Freight transport and the world of business

Freight transport is the backbone of the “door to door” Australia transportation and delivery service. A reliable express freight transport company covers full service whether land, air or sea transport and delivers your goods anytime across the country. Freight transport is not just about delivering goods, it’s also about having a highly skilled team with technical knowledge about cargo documentation, vehicle specifications in line with the transport of hazardous and dangerous goods, and safety regulations. 

Choose the best freight transport company that is committed to investing in innovative technology, is expert in industry standards and has well-maintained resources for your specialised transport needs. Backed by an industry leading freight transport service like Freight Assist, you can strengthen your business and increase your reach across Australia and even other parts of the world.

Where to next? Expand Your Reach with Freight Assist Australia

Freight transport now accounts for 13% of the Australian GDP. Freight Transport services are only set to grow exponentially over the years as business owners opt for advanced freight management systems, and digital freight solutions that are tailored to the unique requirements of both business and customer needs.

Freight transport Australia is here to stay and will only increase over the next decade. Businesses involved in the transport and distribution should take advantage of industry-leading freight transport companies like Freight Assist Australia to ensure your businesses’ freight strategy is ahead of the curve.

Extend your reach across Australia today with Freight Assist’s end-to-end transport solutions. 

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