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Freight Assist Australia provides national, interstate and express freight distribution services across Australia. Our services provide door to door palletised consignments from one pallet to full loads, along with wharf cartage and side loader services all transport services are undertaken with specialised equipment by fully trained staff.

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Container Transport Services

Freight Assist is Australia’s leading interstate freight distribution service. Whether transporting freight for one pallet or an entire shipping container, Freight Assist provides a fully compliant end-to-end service. All container transport services are completed by our highly qualified and professional staff trained in the use of our specialised equipment.

Shipping Container Transport, the Freight Assist Way

Businesses of all sizes require freight containers to send goods long distances. Shipping containers offer modular and safe transport that can easily be transported by trucks, ships, and trains. If you are a business owner looking for efficient and secure container transport, turn to Freight Assist. We offer exceptional container shipping services, ensuring that your goods arrive safely and on time, every time.

Freight Assist offer extensive logistics solutions to manage containers of all sizes, holding all types of goods. We take care of transporting containers from the dock, train station or warehouse to your destination – we can even move the freight interstate. Freight assist offers a hassle-free shipping container transport service tailored to the needs of your business. It doesn’t matter if you receive two containers a year or one container a month; we’ve got the solution for you.


Shipping Container Transport Solutions


Container Transport for All Types of Goods

It doesn’t matter what you need to be transported in your container – our team of drivers and warehouse managers are certified and trained to handle all manner of freight. Dangerous goods can be transported and stored securely with Freight Assist. We can also handle ugly freight and fragile goods within containers. 


Container-Ready Fleet of Vehicles

Our comprehensive fleet ranges from Krueger B/Double drop deck mezzanines to Volvo, Kenworth, and Mercedes prime movers, all capable of moving containers easily. 


Interconnected Transport Servicing

Whether your goods arrive by rail or by sea, Freight Assist can easily facilitate their distribution to or from these container hubs. For international, interstate, or local freight solutions, Freight Assist can connect your business to the transport network. 


FCL and LCL Capabilities

Full container loads and less than container loads are the two terms that define the contents of any container. Some freight carriers will offer a standard price, regardless of how much freight you need to shift. Freight Assist will provide you with a cost-effective solution that takes all circumstances into consideration. 


Trained and Experienced Drivers

All Freight Assist drivers have years of experience in logistics, freight, and container transport. Our drivers and logistics supervisors will guarantee the timely and secure delivery of your containers wherever they need to go. 


Customised Container Transport

We understand different Australian businesses have individual requirements. That’s why with Freight Assist, we work with you to get the best container transport solution for your needs. From 10-foot containers to massive 40-foot ones, we’ve got your transport covered.


Safe and Serviced Vehicles

The entire Freight Assist fleet has been checked and approved for all safety tests outlined by the ADG Code (Australian Dangerous Goods Code). Each time you need a container transported, we guarantee it will be done by a well-maintained and legally certified truck. Certification under the ADG code is a requirement for freight companies across the nation, and our vehicles are regularly checked to ensure they continue to exceed necessary standards.


Flexible Delivery and Collection Service

With Freight Assist, we match our services to your schedule. Our tailored logistics solutions ensure we can meet any specific requirements. Need to set up a recurring container transport? Or is a container delayed? We can accommodate whatever circumstances arise. 


Container Loading and Unpacking

Not only will Freight Assist provide a seamless container transport service, but we can take care of the steps preceding and following its arrival. We can unpack, sort, and label your goods where required. If you need goods palletised for easier distribution, we will take care of that too. Moving goods is only part of the deal; Freight Assist is comprehensive in our breadth of service. 

Our transport and logistics services

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Further Container Transport and Logistics Services:

The Freight Assist service is all-encompassing when it comes to the logistics requirements of your business. If you need efficient shipping container transport, then Freight Assist is your answer. Beyond just moving containers, Freight Assist can offer our customers the following services: 


Simple Online Booking and Logistics System

Freight Assist is determined to make your logistics operations as hassle-free as possible. Starting with our online booking system that digitises all booking and tracking processes, so you have a clear idea of where your goods are at all times. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from simplified delivery and booking management of containers. Effortlessly access all relevant information to your logistics and distribution queries like tracking, inventory management systems and warranty forms via our online portal. Check out the logistics tools and applications you’ll have access to with Freight Assist.


National Transport Service Options

National transport services for freight of all shapes and sizes – that’s the Freight Assist guarantee. By delegating your container transport requirements to Freight Assist, you benefit from a nationally connected network of shipping depots. Freight Assist has conveniently located warehouses across the country, between which we operate services frequently. Learn more about our National Transport Service.


Dangerous and Hazardous Goods National Transport Services

Freight Assist Australia is the leading freight provider when it comes to transporting hazardous containers across the country. Should you need a container transported that contains high-risk goods, all drivers and staff are fully qualified, and the vehicles in the fleet are compliant with state and federal legislation. Learn more about our licensing, compliance, and equipment.


3PL Warehousing & Distribution

Regardless of the type of freight we’re hauling for you, should you also need a place to store it or a body to handle the distribution, Freight Assist can help. Our extensive logistics service extend to 3PL storage and warehousing for all goods. This service sees you receive secure storage space, integrated freight costs, and constant inventory accuracy management. Learn more about our Warehousing and Distribution services today.

Frequently Asked Questions


How much do container transport services cost?

The cost of Freight Assist’s shipping container transport service is determined by a number of factors.

  • Size of the container
  • How many containers need to be moved
  • Whether it requires unpacking
  • If it will be collected or delivered to a port or railway
  • Where the freight is going

It is hard to determine an exact quote without knowing this vital information. The best way to find out how much these services will cost you is by filling out a transport enquiry form or calling us on 1300 884 504 today.

Where are your depots located?

We have depots located across Australia’s major cities. Our depots are conveniently located near major ports and industrial railway stations to easily collect and distribute shipping containers. To find the location nearest to you, visit our depot location page.

How safe is your container transport service?

Freight Assist is determined to provide the safest and most secure shipping container transport service around the country. Our excellent standard begins with regular maintenance of our fleet to industry regulations. All staff members are fully trained in relevant fields to ensure goods are handled each step of the way properly. Your container will never travel safer than it will with Freight Assist. Safety and reliability are our top priorities.

Dangerous & Hazardous Goods

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Compliant, safe and secure transportation of dangerous & hazardous freight.

Door-to-door, store-to-door metro taxi truck services – no job too small.

Efficient, streamlined 3PL solutions for storing and distributing your freight.

Safe, reliable state-to-state transport for shipments ranging from a single pallet to a full truckload.